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Managing Emotions in Elders

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

How to keep up your mental strength while your physical age pulls you back:

Aging .. the big word,not really loved by anyone,because we go to endless limits to avoid it from happening.but still we know it's inevitable .and aging gracefully will be the best gift we can give to ourselves.

To welcome our old age happily ,we should start taking care of our physical and mental health in our late adulthood itself once we have the freedom to do anything that's where we have to choose wisely unhealthy habits which gives short term pleasure or healthy lifestyle that goes a long way it's always like this .either the dopamine or serotonin.

Once we enter the old age we have retired from our work life and responsibilities haven’t yet retired both are problematic. Still suddenly we dont have anything to do in life only few create new routines and hobbies while others tend to get caught in that undefined circle and keep revolving in it.

Staying idle means our brain doesn’t get work out and when not in use our system tends to get corrected.

How many of still routine to play cross words or Sudoku which were our best friend during childhood?

Do we still have riddles, maths puzzles or abstract questions which make us laugh and wonder at the same time and during get togethers?

Here are few things that are damn easy to do, at the same time work like magic to make the mental strength stronger.

  • Yes I want you to walk, A minimum of thirty minutes of brisk walking (with nature friends gadgets off) gets you the needed serotonin for a long refreshing day.

  • Get back to papers and pens, puzzles and brain games; keep your brain fed and keeps it active Participate in group discussions, seminars, associations etc.,

  • Learn a new language, It can activate many parts in your brain.

  • Explore new places, Kashi, Gaya, Goa etc.,

  • Keep active track of your finances (maths is good for your brain).

  • Keep a journal with happy things believe me its way more relaxing.

  • Try going old style, write letters to children, grand children and friends and demand reply (its always happier when you receive a physical greeting card than a sparkling giff).

  • Start a new hobby/ continue and old one you stopped due to your busy schedules (or you thought you were busy).

  • Teach home works to grand kids (it’s gonna be a tough game).

  • Update your internet skills more than this if there is a memory problem that disturbs the daily routine please consult your doctor.

  • Memory and forgetting are two sides of a coin so is learning or unlearning

  • If you can forget you can always relearn. Let us help you regain your memory strength through proven psychological techniques and therapies.

  • Let there be no more belated wishes.

Mrs. Tamizh Ekambaram is a Clinical psychologist based in Chennai. She specializes in geriatric psychology with special interest in dementia programs.

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