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How Recent Technology Is beneficial to Elder Care?

As with aging comes the decrease of mobility, cognitive and sensory capacities as well as the weakening of the body which is more seriously impacted by the surrounding environment, living alone can become gradually unsafe for some elderly people. They are less and less able to ensure their well-being on a daily basis.

So, what needs to be checked when elderly people live alone?

  • Mental health — Loneliness, forgetfulness (to eat medicine, pay bills or go to appointments), dementia, depression…

  • Physical health — eyesight, mobility, well-being…

  • Social isolation — whether the person is integrated into a community or regularly checked on by his/her relatives or a caregiver

  • Nutrition — whether the person takes his/her meal regularly…

  • Environment — Elders are more impacted by their surrounding environment such as sudden and severe temperature changes.

These points need to be tracked as often as possible, otherwise, the life of the elderly could be put into danger. Therefore, elderly people should be given solutions to help them ensure their well-being on a daily basis. Families as well should be presented with useful tools to assist and monitor their elder members remotely as much as they could, without invading their privacy too much. And this is when Smart Technology, and especially, smart sensors, can show off all their potential.

Devices Prevent Wandering

Elderly patients often fall while they are moving place to place. Falls are one major problem in elder care, particularly in those who experience problems with their memories and cognitive functions. Fear that they will become lost or get hurt is common among their caregivers, be their family members or healthcare professionals. Several different devices have been created specifically to help with this problem. To help notify caregivers when a patient or loved one is not where they are supposed to, Sensor detection devices like bed alarms and door alarms have been developed. There are also pendants that provide GPS tracking for elderly patients who are more independent or prone to getting lost.

Cameras Protect the Elderly from Abuse

As a caregiver to a loved one or patient, you take responsibility for that person’s well-being. Unfortunately, being around 24 hours a day isn’t always an option. Small cameras, are a great way to ensure that an elderly person is being cared for properly. You can place these cameras in indiscreet locations and use them to ensure that hired caregivers and other family members are not abusing, mistreating, or taking advantage of your patient or loved one.

Smartphones Promote Self-Care

Smartphones improve the lives of nearly everyone who owns one, although the gadget’s usefulness depends on how you use it. The same technology that makes mobile devices so enjoyable is exceptionally beneficial to the elderly. Proving that there’s an app for everything, seniors can use their phones to keep up with their medication, as well as various aspects of their health. For example, some apps can sync with wearable technology that monitors their heart rate, location, and more.

Remote Technology Offers 24/7 Protection

Where medical alert bracelets were once the height of senior safety tech, today’s monitoring devices are more advanced. For elderly patients who are more independent, there are several different options for ensuring that they are safe. From sensors that automatically turn off stoves if they are left alone for too long to water sensors that let you know if your elderly patient left the water running, almost everything in their environment can be controlled. Locked medication dispensers with timers and alarms for missed doses also ease the burden of knowing your loved one or patient is properly cared for.

As mentioned above Smart Technology in elder care represents a great opportunity to improve the life of the elderly, mitigate the physical and cognitive impairments coming with aging, and ensure their safety while observing their wish for independence.

Dr Rahul’s Elder Care comes with more than 10 years of experience in geriatric medicine. The highly skilled team specialises in elder care achieved through comprehensive approach and holistic attitude. Apart from regular geriatric clinic, the team specialises in Memory and dementia care, Pain and Palliative care, Transitional Care and Chronic Disease Management.

At Dr Rahul’s Elder we can help you setup all the recent technology which keeps elders healthy and safe. Safety devices are recommended as part of the care plan after detailed evaluation of the clinical condition and assessment of the home. Additionally, the clinic also provides emergency response systems through which help is made available to the elder at home in the event of an emergency. For more information you can call +91 7871111247.

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