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Memory Care

"Let's help Cherish your memories"

Early Dementia Screening
Early Dementia Screening
Evaluation of Memory Problems
Evaluation of Memory Problems
Custom made memory enhancement For ELderly People
Memory Enhancement and Enrichment Programs 
Caregiver Training in handling Dementia Care
Caregiver Training

          Our Memory Care is a unique form of long-term care plan designed to meet the specific needs of a person with Alzheimer's disease, Dementia or any other type of memory problem. Our Memory Care provides structured environment that has set schedules and routines in place to create a stress free life style ,safety features to ensure the health of the elder and programs designed to cultivate cognitive skills.

One of the goals of Memory Care is to help slow the progression of Alzheimer's or dementia while also enabling a elder to feel purpose, a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment on daily basis.

The Memory Care Program provides diagnosis, treatment, and care of neurodegenerative conditions that affect the elderly and the ageing nervous system. Our Memory Care includes screening of memory related problems (cognitive impairment) , evaluation of memory problems, cognitive stimulation therapy  at home and in clinic and support group for carers. 

Counselling Services for elderly people
Counselling Services
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Home Safety Inspection
Care giver support group
Support Groups for Carers
Memory Day Care Center
Memory Day Care Center


  • Experienced dementia care staff

  • Memory clinic and support service

  • Cognitive stimulation Therapy (CST) at home and clinic

  • Caregiver support groups facilitated by dementia expert

  • Home enhancement and modification recommendation for optimal cognitive function

How it works



Call us or upload your recent medical report



Geriatric Nurse will get in touch with you



Appointment time fixed



Dementia Care Experts visit you at home



Screening and Evaluation by MDT

Follow Up


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Physician Supervised Care Plan which includes CST

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