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  • What are the services Dr Rahul's Elder Care Provide ?
    Dr Rahul's Elder Care provides comprehensive solutions to the health care needs of the elderly. A dedicated team of elder care specialist ensures quality care at your door step. Call us now at 7871111247. Doctor Consultation at Home Doctor Consultation in Clinic Geriatric Elder Care Center Geriatric Physiotherapy at Home Geriatric Physiotherapy in Clinic Geriatric Nursing Care at Home Geriatric Nursing Care in CLinic Geriatric Psychology at Home Geriatric Counselling services at Home Geriatric Counselling services in Clinic Pharmacy at Home Lab test at Home Transitional Care Memory Care Advanced Nursing Care End Of Life Care Palliative Care Stroke Rehabilitation Care Regular Follow Up by Case Manager 24*7 Emergency Support
  • What is the cost of your services ?
    We custom tailor our services for each Elder and Healthcare needs. Prices for services vary based on the level of geriatric care necessary. Please give us a call and we will compile a complimentary individualized estimate for you.
  • What is Geriatric Care Manager at Dr Rahul's Elder Care ?
    Geriatric Care Managers reduce family burdens, facilitate communication for Health Care & Wellness needs. A care manager gives personalized compassionate advice, advocating for the individual’s wants and needs. They are experts in dealing with the continually changing challenges of aging. They assist with your care plan, medical oversight, family communication and education.
  • What is Dr Rahul's Elder Care Geriatric Team and What they do ?
    A team of health care professionals will work together in the medical evaluation of an older patient. The geriatrics team may include, in addition to the geriatrician, any or all of the following professionals: Geriatrician Nurse Social worker Nutritionist Physical therapist Occupational therapist Consultant pharmacist Geropsychiatrist These specialists look at the person holistically. The team considers the person's medical history and present health condition. The team also looks for the effects of past illnesses, as well as "geriatric syndromes" - common health concerns found in the frail elderly such as incontinence, frequent falls, memory problems, and the side effects caused by multiple medications. Members of the geriatrics team look at many aspects of the patient's life. They evaluate the social support available to a patient, usually a spouse, children or friends, and his or her living and community conditions. The team also considers the patient's ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs), such as bathing, dressing and eating. While the geriatrician often serves as the "point person," each member of the geriatrics team is a skilled health professional. All play an important role in the proper assessment and care of an older patient.
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